New ideas in the works

2012 is such a welcome change. 2011 was devastating on many levels. Did you know that my mother and father were moments away from death last year? First my father in April and then my mother barely three months later in August. It is a miracle that they both survived, and we all welcomed 2012 with big, wide, open arms.

2012 has proved itself to be a beautiful year so far. And I am so grateful. Here’s why.

I have met many new friends through a business course I am taking online. This course, created by two amazing women, has changed my life. I am hard at work developing new businesses that will hopefully change my life and the lives of many, many women in this world (and men, babies, and children too!)

I also discovered Melody Ross and Danielle Laporte this year. Two women who I greatly admire and who I am thankful to learn from daily.

I am doing some great soul growth, and finding answers to existential dilemmas that have been heavy on my heart for so long. Damn, that feels good!

My writing business continues to do well and I am really excited to be adding some new dimensions to my business in coming months. It is fun, thrilling, and fills my heart with so much excitement and love. So stay tuned. I am almost ready to share my big news, that is, if you haven’t figured it out already. 🙂


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  1. April 17, 2012 at 11:34 am

    I am so happy and excited for you for all the things to come this year!!! xo

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