Birth stories

My most special experiences in life were birthing and meeting my three girls at their births. When I was a new mom at 24 and knew no one, that’s right – no one in my life – who had recently birthed or had young children, I took the idea of natural childbirth for granted. I really was naive to the whole medical establishment that surrounds childbirth. I was a yoga instructor and simply assumed that unless some crazy emergency happened, I was not interested in any interventions or pain medications during birth.

It’s kind of amazing how much things have changed since then. I have seen family and friends have emergency c-sections, and I’ve also seen people choose to be induced and schedule their c-sections.

It’s also amazing how clueless I was regarding taking a baby home. My first child and I had an amazing bond and everything came naturally, but I was certainly sleep deprived for many months, which sucked! I believe that, just as we take care of our babies, we must take care of our mama and papa selves during the process.

I have watched people recover quickly and go back to work during the first month after birth (including me after my third daughter was born) and I have heard also stories of struggle: women unable to eat or sleep or function in the difficult and exhausting days after birth. It’s just astounding how much I have learned and how much my mindset has changed since I first gave birth 11 years ago.

I am done with my own family building but birth passion and birth excitement still course through my veins. I think about my births fondly – they were pretty amazing, intense, and shocking experiences. I worked hard for months to prepare for my births – reading, practicing, relaxing, studying, exercising, and more – and I very much lucked out by not having any complications. That is another thing I have learned – birth experiences are partly preparation and mindset, and partly left to chance. You never know what will happen. I think that is part of the excitement of birth for me.

I have a lot of birth preparation tricks up my sleeves and I want to help others increase their chances of having a better birth experience. So how can I do this? I am just beginning to research the ways. Should I become a lactation consultant, childbirth doula, postpartum doula, birth educator, or something else? It is such a huge field out there. It is extremely exciting to me, and I plan to share my journey here on my blog as I pursue this training and education in the coming months and years. I think merging my writing and website work and joining with a community of birth and postpartum professionals is a perfect blend of my passion and dreams.

Wish me luck! AND start thinking about your own motherhood and birthing experiences. As I travel along this journey I want to hear from you. I’ll be collecting birth and new motherhood stories from anyone who wants to share them. Let’s share the bliss and the heartache of it all. The humor and the pain. Let me know if you would like to be featured. Seriously.

Love you all.

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