Not Crazy…Just Slowing Down

I have noticed lately that I have had to stop myself from using the word “crazy” to describe my life.

Things are “crazy.”
Balancing work and life is “crazy.”
The kids are making me “crazy.”
My life is “crazy.”

When I found myself saying a word like this so often, I realized that maybe it’s not my life that is crazy, but maybe my mindset needs changing. So now, when I find the word “crazy” coming out of my mouth, I’ve started to replace it with a more positive sounding word. Life is:

“Full, busy, blessed, rewarding.”

It’s been a really tough year for me. Extremely difficult. To top it all off, I am moving yet again. I cringe when I think of the number of times I have moved in my life. Even more embarrassed at the number of times I have moved in the last 8 years. Too much. Way way too much.

But I think we are ready to settle down. Ready to commit. Ready to build a life where no one is in graduate school anymore, and our life transitions slow down greatly. Slow. Gentle. I already know what my new year’s resolution is for next year and it definitely has to do with slowing down. Like majorly. I think life at the beach is a good place to start that resolution.

I hope to blog more once we are settled in. Until then…