My Move in Pictures

I am finally breathing deep again. Finally calming down finally, finally, finally.  We are finally getting settled and it feels really good. I really love our new community. We are not as close to the beach as we used to be (about 10 miles away from the beach now). But we are discovering other great things about our new neighborhood. Here is my move in pictures:

My rental car for the first house hunting trip. So not-me but really fun to drive :)

Quad venti soy sugar free caramel macchiato. Starbucks Gold Card.

House with a pool? Yes, please.

Celebrating a successful house hunting trip with an Absolut mojito.

Goodbye breakfast at Rise n Dine, Emory Village.

Relaxing at the hotel pool en route to new house. Tired but happy.

It’s a long, long drive

Water spotted. Almost there. Loving the sky and the view.

Favorite local taco joint: Tijuana Flats vegan black bean salad – guacamole, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and lots and lots of hot sauce.

Hundreds of avocados from the tree in our back yard. Eating them at almost every meal.

So excuse me while I go breathe deeply some more. And I really hope you are all well!

New post coming up soon updating you all on my doula path! I’m about to come out from my sabbatical to get back into the swing of all things doula and birthing. xo