2013: Year of peaceful kindness

new yearIt’s been just under a year since I started this blog and created this website for my business. After months of figuring out how to fit this website and blog into my life, in December, my views started increasing, like majorly, and I have to say Thank You to all of you who come to visit me here.

The main purpose of my website and blog is to create an identity online, a welcome space to meet new people and to update my friends and family on what is going on in my life. I would like future business collaborators to be able to find me, to get to know me a bit, and see what I’m all about. It’s like a living, breathing resume – an up to date job interview of sorts. So Thank You for being here. I hope to spend more time here in the coming year.

Some news about what I’ve been up to lately:

  • I’ve been really digging Pinterest lately – it’s like creating a dream fantasy world of what I would like to bring into my life. I am currently really into the home decor pins and want to paint all the rooms in my house soon! Pinterest is great for home decor inspiration. Come follow me on Pinterest and I’ll follow you back!
  • After my daughter became obsessed, I finally started on Instagram. I’ll see how I like it after a few weeks. I truly do not need another social media distraction, truly!
  • Really loving hot yoga and walking out in nature, as always. I miss walking up and down hills from my old ‘hood but am loving the wildlife here in our new town, including the bald eagles we see almost every day now in our neighborhood.
  • My dad is a survivor of a catastrophic brain injury. He is now talking and doing just amazing, even singing Christmas carols and making jokes. ┬áSo exciting to see him recover and enjoy life again.
  • I am planning goals for 2013 including financial and wellness goals. 2013 keywords include:
    I am hoping to bring more of these qualities into my life in this coming year. Please join me in sharing these wonderful qualities with others.

And as I said on Facebook yesterday on the new year’s day:

“As much as I’ve been looking forward at the coming year today, contemplating new goals to try to achieve, I’ve also been enjoying a blissed-out day with my husband and children doing exactly what I wanted. It’s been wonderful! Here’s to a happy and healthy and blessed 2013 full of gentle, peaceful joy and fun. Love to all and prayers for peace and kindness.”

Namaste – britt