30 Day Yoga Challenge – Week 3 Begins!

I am so loving this Yoga Challenge. I am pretty sure this is going to become a 60 day challenge. I really feel great and am feeling the benefits and see no reason to back off.

yoga day 15

en route to yoga


Days 9-11 were a wash. I had a bunch of family commitments including a sick child. So I did a 20-30 minute home practice each night but I’m starting to find my home practice to be less fun and I miss the intensity.

Day 12: Saturday morning Bikram style class. Ugh. 105 degrees! In insane humidity! I am kind of on a┬ámission where I wish teachers would understand that when humidity goes up, temperature must come down. I went on Bikram’s website today and read that he even recommends that class be 105 degrees only in low humidity (40%). He recommends that teachers drop the temperature if humidity gets above 40%. There is a great article by a Bikram instructor that discusses this. Today’s meditation: Finding joy through hardship. This meditation was especially pertinent because I was so hot in class today that finding joy through hardship was a perfect lesson.

Day 13: Sunday Hot Bikram style yoga in the afternoon. Another majorly hot class. My meditation – I can’t remember. I had to leave the room today cause I was so hot.

Day 14: Relief: 60 minute Bikram class with a very cool instructor. I like this woman a lot. She is very chill. I like to sweat but I like to feel good too. This class was great, very humid of course. My meditation: Reaping the rewards and benefits.

Day 15: Tuesday: I decided to do some gardening tonight and ended up doing a very half ass 10 minute yoga practice at home. I am so ready for a good class tonight!

Overall I am getting used to the struggle and discomfort of Bikram style Yoga. I do not like the class particularly but I am noticing a lot of benefits! Definitely slimming down and getting more toned, my breathing seems deeper, I am more relaxed and happy. Also I have less aches and pains. Coolness. All good all around.

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  1. sabrie
    June 18, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    I find some days are a wash for me as well. Some days my home practice is rockin’ while others I simply lie in shavasana, and others I make it into class. Depends on the day but still inspired ­čÖé Happy practice!

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