36 days of Yoga

I did it!

I practiced yoga every day for 36 days until last Wednesday when I just didn’t practice – and even though I skipped that day I’ve practiced pretty much every day since.

It’s been a wonderful adventure. I learned that it is not that hard to practice yoga every day, even when you have a job, a husband and a few kids. Thankfully, said husband was very understanding and supportive of my endeavor!

I learned that I do not like 90 minute Bikram classes. So I will stick to the 60 minute classes. 90 minutes is just too intense for me. I learned that yoga is exactly what I need in my life. I felt so very balanced and on top of things the entire time. I loved the physical benefits, such as walking into a yoga class and already feeling very strong and warm and loose and centered because my practice was so regular. I loved finding the type of classes and teachers that I love here in my (somewhat) new town. Above all, I fell in love with yoga again and feel more like me than I have in a long time.  This was rad.

After a month of yoga and the last 4 days of fun in the sun, I feel awesome. I got back on the blog. And I now have some pretty strong shoulders. And better posture! The posture changes have been most wonderful.




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